How was it born?

Damé was born as we have had enough of illicit contracts, flophouses, unbearable flatmates. To live @Damé means living in autonomous, cosy flats, along with chosen roommates and a national community, whom you will live your golden years with. @Damé Ancona awaits you with several terraces that will host your aperitifs and outdoor parties. It is in the city centre, a strategic position for all the local universities.


We have large single and double rooms that can be customized, all with private bathroom, in student-only apartments with kitchen and spacious living room.


Live the damé community, participate in the activities organized for you and for all the University students of Ancona.

Sharing spaces

In addition to the apartment, you have a large terrace, a room to study, a laundry room, a huge living space.

Where it is located

Damé Ancona is located in via Torrioni 357, Ancona. The building is situated from a few minutes walking from Cittadella park, right in the middle of the maze: just a few minutes walk from the university’s headquarters, and from the bus stops that links the structure to the medicine and engineering campuses. It is well known that freshmen rent flats in the suburbs, therefore they move to the city centre one year later. You could move in since the beginning! From damé Ancona you can reach easily the gym and the supermarket in a walking distance.

How is the ideal tenant?


respects the other tenants and the house, leaves all the spaces as it would like to find them.


has a thousand ideas to customize the house and use the spaces available.


proposes to his roommates the right toast and creates unforgettable situations.